Cheese Ephemera

Googling through one of the most enjoyable things in existence, BoingBoing, I found a couple of fascinating tems related to cheese.

One is the engineer at the University of Wisconsin working on laser cut cheese art. Now, I truly support this innovative work. I just don’t think I could justify the cost, let alone the size, of a laser cutter in our little cheese shop. Also, I have not heard one customer say, “This Roquefort’s good, but it’d be better if it was in the shape of a Velociraptor!”

The second is someone who played with Play-Doh molds and substituted cheeses to see if it’d work. It turns out brie conforms really well to plastic molds. This endeavor I truly support. So get your old Play-Doh molds out of the attic or find some at your local thrift store, buy a big hunk of brie and have the coolest party centerpiece around.

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